Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Central

Central Lisbon Hospital Centre

The collaboration protocol between the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon and the former Central Lisbon Hospital Centre – EPE (CHLC) was signed on 4 December 2009, with the general aim of promoting historical-artistic studies of the CHLC’s buildings – from the architecture to the woodwork decorations, furniture, painting, iconography, textiles and other elements, including works that were displaced or destroyed.   

Special attention was paid to the centre’s tile heritage, and it was decided that its inventory would be one the first tasks to be carried out (paragraphs a) and c)), along with other directly related activities – colloquia, conferences, publications. Accordingly, from 2009 to 2011, a team from Az inventoried and catalogued all the ceramic coverings of the Hospitals of Santa Marta, São José and Santo António dos Capuchos (and later also the Curry Cabral Hospital). All the relevant information is available on Az Infinitum Infinitum – Azulejo Indexation and Referencing System. 

A more detailed description and a list of the main publications can be visualized by accessing Explore > Projects.