Amigos do Museu Nacional do Azulejo

Friends of the National Azulejo Museum 

The cooperation protocol with the Association of Friends of the National Azulejo Museum (AMNAz) (2017) aims to promote the collaboration in common initiatives and projects related to research in Art History, and especially on azulejos; the joint organization of scientific and cultural outreach activities, such as conferences, colloquia, tours, book publications or even exhibitions that are in the interest of both parties; and the collaboration and mutual support in publicizing activities aimed at the preservation of tile heritage. 

In the context of this protocol, AMNAz supported the organization of a special one-day AzLab – AzLab#42 – preceded by a call for papers and devoted to the identity(ies) of Portuguese azulejos. This partnership enabled the invitation of foreign speakers and the publication of the event’s proceedings in a special issue of the journal ARTis ON (no. 8, 2018).