Sistemas do Futuro


The company Sistemas do Futuro, founded in January 1996, has “contributed in a decisive and entrepreneurial manner to the utilization of new information technologies for the Management of Cultural and Natural Heritage”. 

Az Infinitum – Azulejo Indexation and Referencing System, the anchor-project of the group Az – Azulejo Research Network, is run using in patrimonium net, the most recent system for managing cultural heritage developed by Sistemas do Futuro. It is this application that allows all the information concerning the inventory of tile decorations to be registered and made freely available to the public, through an in web online specifically developed to meet the needs of a project such as Az Infinitum

Following the partnership protocol with Az signed on 1 September 2009, and apart from the use of previously tested tools, Sistemas do Futuro is committed to promoting the development of other, more specific applications, as well as to the joint organization of scientific and technological outreach events, the presentation of papers, the publication of articles and the organization of training activities.        

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