Az Infinitum - Azulejo Indexation and Referencing System

    Az Infinitum – Azulejo Indexation and Referencing System is a constantly updated online platform that inventories, catalogues and documents tile decorations produced or applied in Portugal until the present. It is the only platform with these characteristics and the largest national database on azulejos, managed by a team of specialized researchers. Our goals? To get to know, study, promote and protect Portugal’s tile heritage!



    More than a database specialized in azulejos, Az Infinitum is a work tool that uses both the methods traditionally employed in Art History and digital technologies to build a system aimed at documenting, cataloguing and indexing tile coverings still found in their original locations. As the anchor project of Az – Azulejo Research Network, Az Infinitum is the focal point of all the research developed within this group, from R&D projects to MA and PhD dissertations, for example. Accordingly, Az Infinitum is not an end, but a means, with a very significant methodological role – it is used to systematize data and information gathered in a specific field, situating them within the wider context of Portugal’s tile production. This systematization allows the database to expand its ability to cross-reference information.  


    Az Infinitum is a research-oriented system. At its core lie specific research questions formulated by a team of art historians from different institutions, as well as computer engineers and graphic designers, intent on “(…) creating a system capable of documenting tile heritage from all periods and of all kinds still found in situ and linking together concepts such as space, time, agents, iconography, techniques or materials, in order to generate contextual and long-term readings that are able to offer zoom-in and zoom-out perspectives on a history of more than five centuries, that should not be regarded as linear, but as multidimensional” (Carvalho, 2018).

    The various projects and MA dissertations that were successfully concluded and the ongoing PhD projects attest to the validity of this proposal and its importance for the current research on Portuguese azulejos. Az Infinitum also aims to keep on growing as a digital space where all research contributions can be properly contextualized, in an effort to put together and update a history of Portuguese tiles. 


    The experience gained by a specialized team in the context of Az Infinitum enabled the publication, in 2014, of version 1.0 of the Inventory Guide for Azulejos In Situ, coordinated by Rosário Salema de Carvalho (Az – Azulejo Research Network), Alexandre Pais (National Azulejo Museum) and Ana Paula Figueiredo (SIPA – Information System for Architectural Heritage, DGPC).

    Updated in the following years, this Guide had at its main objective the definition of guidelines for the inventory of azulejos in an architectural context. Designed to be independent from any inventory programme, the Guide promotes, in an accessible manner, a common work methodology with a controlled terminology capable of speeding up the future integration or combination of inventories carried out by different entities. 

    Carvalho, Rosário Salema de, Alexandre Pais, and Ana Paula Figueiredo. “Guia de Inventário de Azulejo in situ”. Lisbon, 2014.


    Content legibility was among the research team’s first concerns, and hence the organization of the information on the platform favoured the possibility of defining different interpretive levels. This is why many information categories are grouped within text boxes that can be expanded, and what was initially but a physical description ended up including a brief description, contextualizing some of the main aspects systematized in each entry.  

    Making the information freely available, with comprehensive licenses, is another of Az Infinitum’s main goals, and we are working on having the information published in reusable formats, so that it can be explored for cultural, touristic and recreational purposes, among others. 



    All of the Az’s projects converge on Az Infinitum, and the tab Projects offers a detailed description of each one. Among them, it is worth highlighting the project Cataloguing Portuguese tile patterns, as it is an essential part of the system.  



    Initiated in 2010 and made freely available online in 2012, Az Infinitum is developed by Az – Azulejo Research Network, in partnership with the National Azulejo Museum and the company Sistemas do Futuro, and coordinated by Rosário Salema de Carvalho and Alexandre Pais.


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