AzLab#44  |  12 December 2018 

Invited speaker:
Catarina Almada Negreiros [CAN RAN arquitectura]
Rita Almada Negreiros [CAN RAN arquitectura]

Moderated by Inês Leitão [Az – ARTIS-IHA/FLUL]

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A Collection of azulejo

AzLab#43  |  7 November 2018 

Invited speaker:
Vera Mariz [ARTIS – Instituto de História da Arte, Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa]
Fábio Ricardo [Az – Rede de Investigação em Azulejo, ARTIS-IHA/FLUL]
Rosário Salema de Carvalho [Az – Rede de Investigação em Azulejo, ARTIS-IHA/FLUL]

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Identity(ies) of the azulejo in Portugal

AzLab#42 special  |  4 October 2018 

10h15-10h50 __ Keynote speaker | Inaugural conference | Azulejos portugueses e outras artes nacionais | Nuno Rosmaninho
10h50-11h10 __ In Portuguese… And Spanish, English, Dutch, French… The Identity of Portuguese Azulejos Within European Historiography | Alexandra Gago da Câmara and Rosário Salema de Carvalho 
11h40-12h10 __ Keynote speaker | Homeland Squares: Joaquim de Vasconcelos (1849-1936) Identity Panels | Sandra Leandro 
12h10-12h30 __ Santos Simões and the Identities of Azulejo in Portugal | João Pedro Monteiro 
14h30-15h00 __ Keynote speaker | Identities in Front of the Mirror: Tiles in Portugal and Valencia | Jaume Coll Conesa 
15h00-15h20 __ Tiles and Identity by Pattern Classification | Maria de Fátima Rodrigues and Pedro Jorge Santos Freitas
15h20-15h40 __ Publicity Tile Panels in Portugal: A Singularity Within Identity | Cristina Carvalho 
16h00-16h20 __ The Azulejo as Colonial Symbol of Power: A Deconstruction Through Sugar and Art | Shelley Miller 
16h20-16h40 __ Contemporary Azulejo: An Identity Issue? | Inês Leitão 

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The techniques behind the results: use of electron microscopy in the study of azulejos

AzLab#41  |  6 June 2018 

Invited speaker:
João Manuel Mimoso [Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil]

Moderated by Rosário Salema de Carvalho [Az – ARTIS-IHA/FLUL]

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The azulejos of EXPO '98: 20 years later

AzLab#40  |  23 May 2018 

Invited speaker:
António Mega Ferreira [AMEC | Metropolitana – Director Executivo]
Inês Leitão [Az – ARTIS-IHA/FLUL]
Rosário Salema de Carvalho [Az – ARTIS-IHA/FLUL]

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Welcoming figures

AzLab#39  |  18 April 2018 

Invited speaker:
Luísa Capucho Arruda [Centro de Investigação e de Estudos em Belas-Artes, Faculdade de Belas-Artes, ULisboa]

Moderated by Rosário Salema de Carvalho [Az – ARTIS-IHA/FLUL]

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From the cocoon to the artistic residence: artists in the Factory Viúva Lamego

AzLab#38  |  14 March 2018 

Invited speaker:
Maria Ana Vasco Costa [Artista]
Ana Almeida [Az – ARTIS-IHA/FLUL]

Moderated by Inês Leitão [Az – ARTIS-IHA/FLUL]

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A continuous strand: architecture, decoration and iconography of the gardens of the Fronteira Palace

AzLab#37  |  21 February 2018 

Invited speakers:
Ana Paula Rebelo Correia [ARTIS-IHA/FLUL]
Celso Mangucci [CHAIA-UE]

Moderated by Rosário Salema de Carvalho [Az – ARTIS-IHA/FLUL]

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Tiles "on the rocks": ornamental stone patterns in 19th century tiles of Lisbon

AzLab#36  |  24 January 2018 

Invited speaker:
Carlos Marques da Silva [Geology Department, FCUL]

Moderated by Rosário Salema de Carvalho [Az – ARTIS-IHA/FLUL]

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Organized in partnership with the National Azulejo Museum, the AzLab’s goal is to uncover new analytical perspectives on issues related to azulejos, and particularly to the study, inventory, collecting, safeguard, creation and dissemination of azulejos

Throughout more than 10 years, AzLab has taken on different forms. Starting with in-person sessions at the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon, we switched to Zoom sessions during the pandemic and to hybrid sessions afterwards. In the upcoming season (2023-2024), the seminar will take the form of a podcast. Our goal is to discuss azulejos and various related issues, through interviews that promote the dialogue between different protagonists.
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