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Open course in azulejo(tile) history

May 2nd | O azulejo está… [introduction] 
May 9th | O azulejo está… in churches
May 16th | O azulejo está… in palaces
May 23rd | O azulejo está… in the street
May 30th | O azulejo está… everywhere!

Led by Rosário Salema de Carvalho, the course is structured in five theoretical/practical sessions organized, after an introductory session, by azulejo (tile) application sites such as churches, palaces, façades and new urban equipment.

60 euros | Students: 25 euros | Art History students [FLUL]: free
Registration e-mail: sa.graduad@letras.ulisboa.pt or in person at the secretariat of FLUL

+ information: redeazulejo@letras.ulisboa.pt



The aim of AzLab (an organization with National Museum of Azulejo) is to create new analytical perspectives on issues related to azulejos, including its research, inventory, collecting, safeguarding, and its creation or dissemination. The AzLab will be held once a month at 18.00. The sessions will take place at the Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa, room  5.2. Follow the blog AzLab

The Az+ includes conferences, book presentations, workshops and so on.


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